memories make degrees

today is officially my last day as a student (if turning in a final and the teacher buying the first round after counts as class)

i don’t walk until may, but i sure am feeling sentimental.

here are some of my favorite memories:

  • when cameron chad and i thought it would be a good idea to go to salvation mountain after a switchfoot concert. we didn’t make it…


  • cj and i getting a flat tire on the 1 and hitchhiking in the back of a ups van
  • my time at a21!
  • #tuesdaytradition
  • leading delight (and kaylee eating sweet potato chips and guac for breakfast)


  • being at the kids table with the greatest middle school leaders ever
  • big sur
  • #sandiegoespressoagogo2k16
  • valentine’s day in paris popping champagne under the eiffel tower and “crashing” a bollywood wedding
  • paris, duh.

giverny in bimba y lola coat, zara jeans, nike frees

  • all the food. all the coffee.


best of all was making the best friends and taking pretty photos along the way


magic mountains near vegas



joshua tree

more posts about adulting to follow soon (:


graduating! photo by alice gherasim

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