the best kind of class

i’m done with school classes, but currently obsessed with another kind.

a few months ago i tried classpass and haven’t looked back.


classpass allows you to purchase five or 10 classes and three class packs at fitness studios near you. i’ve always been a gym goer, but classes are so much more fun and challenging!

the greatest thing is you can go through yoga phases, pilates, spin, barre, anything. orange county, la, new york have lots of studios you can choose from and visit up to 3 times per month.

their app makes it so easy to sign up! you also can’t cancel classes within 12 hours, so it forces you to get moving.


while it does seem kind of pricey, using class pass is a lot cheaper than buying individual spin or pilates classes.

new years resolutions? consider trying it out for $20 for the first month here.

also check out their blog The Warm Up for tips!

*need cute workout clothes for more motivation? try Free People Movement


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