to me, new years is a funny thing. it’s kind of a made up holiday and i don’t understand why i need to wear sparkles.

these year markers and a time set aside for reflection are, however, things i fully support.

looking back, here are some of my favorite beauty/fashion discoveries of 2016:

  1. glossier (see previous post)glossier.jpg
  2. these cute flats!


    find them on asos!

  3. levi’s – specifically raw cut denim which is great because i’m short and need to cut my pants anyways!levis.jpg
  4. biossance – their rose oil, the nourisher, is AMAZING EWG-Product-Nourisher_600x600_db38f0c5-a453-403a-a8c0-7865985be41a.png
  5. birchbox


    samples are great for travel!

  6. doen

    2016 1.jpg

    just got these overalls and love them!

next week i leave for europe, so stay tuned for lots of travel photos!

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