soft+spoken cities: iceland

woo finally back after my european adventures with lots of travel posts to come!

first up: iceland.


the first stop, iceland is so interesting! i had never been somewhere that had been modernized so recently. i went in fearing the worst, but the weather in reykjavik wasn’t too bad. (outside of the city for sightseeing was quite different though)

lots of people are heading to iceland, so here are my recommendations:

1. the golden circle tour: this hits up some of the major landmarks like gullfoss, Þingvellir, and thermal geysers. you can rent a car and drive around but i wouldn’t recommend this in the winter because of snow storms!


gullfoss waterfall- it was snowing while we were walking!


game of thrones filmed at thingvellir

2. the blue lagoon: so pretty! a natural hot spring that is now a spa. perfect for relaxing and lovely face masks after a long flight. book early, they fill up fast!

blue lagoon.jpg

vacationing is hard

3. noodles: i’m not sure why but noodles are really popular in iceland!


noodle station

4. the view from hallgrímskirkja: views overlooking cities are a must in any european town, so i loved seeing all of reykjavik from the top of this church!


other highlights: icelandic horses, their chocolate!, the national history museum

*note: we tried to see the northern lights but the conditions weren’t good. our tour should have been canceled but wasn’t and we had a terrible experience with our guide from arctic adventures. be careful when booking this!


a crater/frozen lake

iceland fun facts:

  • many people believe in elves
  • they celebrate 13 days of christmas
  • the country has never had an army
  • 2/3 of the population lives in reykjavik or the surrounding areas

anyone else going to iceland soon?

next time: copenhagen!

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