health but no wealth

interrupting these europe posts to talk about my current health kick (and home too but that’s not as exciting)



here’s my current obsessions:

yoga: i gave up classpass for just a yoga mat (but hopefully i’ll go to spin or pilates soon). i LOVE ra yoga and their strength, vinyasa, + yogalates classes. i feel so good after the heat and the instructors are amazing!


thrive market: the amazon of health food. sign up online, get a free month, and buy goodies like sun potion, almond butter, aduki beans, and nail polish. i love the grocery store, but getting things delivered to my door is oh so convenient.


no sugar: last week i ironically decided to give up sugar before valentine’s day. not going to lie that the first day sucked, but i have lots of energy, my mind feels clearer, and i think it’s helping me gain some muscle (: i’m not doing honey or cocnut sugar except for special occasions, but dates and a couple bites of purely elizabeth granola are must keeps.


pressed freeze– the best sugar free dessert

sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, bananas, avocados, nut butters always. (but not all together)

any recipes you want to see or questions? comment below!

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