caffeine crazy

i will 100% admit that i’m a coffee snob.

i spend too much money on coffee and am probably overcaffeinated a majority of the time, but i love it.

here’s a list of some of my favorite orange county/la spots.

hopper and burr: i’m here as often as i can be because i love it! they have saint frank’s, madcap, heart, all the good stuff.


possibly my favorite spot

daydream: coffee and clothes are some of the finest things in life which is why i love this surf and coffee shop! they have sightglass, too, which reminds me of home.

lord windsor: inbetween LA and OC, lord windsor is really relaxing if you want to read because no wifi!


coffee shops with surf references are trendy

kit coffee: next to some of my favorite spots (gratitude and ra yoga) kit also has heart and koava. i haven’t tried it, but i’ve heard their toast is to die for!

portola: the original specialty shop in orange county, their costa mesa location and theorem are the best!


where i first fell in love with coffee

G&B: i first heard about them from the owner of telescope in paris (possibly the best coffee there so i trusted his judgement). i love going to their location at grand central market and then hitting up somewhere for food.

shreebs: cookies and coffee? i only take it black, so something sweet is perfect with a pour over. shreebs is in a storage container in DTLA which makes for a fun and different atmosphere!


dinosaur coffee: i looooove four barrel and the branding of this spot! by chloe isn’t too far either ❤


things will be fine, but better with good coffee

blacktop: ok we’re seeing an SF meets to LA theme here with sightglass in the arts district. the lead singer of the local natives may or may not have been spotted here by me…


cute wall spotted in the arts district

hidden house: the san juan or santa ana locations are great! san juan is a little house, but santa ana has free parking.

hidden house.jpg

and much more! any suggestions?

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