scattered organization

it’s been a while…but there’s so much to do and i already spend lots of time looking at my computer!


my best friend got nervous as i was taking this photo but #coordination helped me not fall

living the adult life is fun (no homework) but lots of work (cooking, cleaning, work, yoga, showers, making coffee).

also budgeting- how can i not buy baskets on baskets from the little market ?

i’m learning lots about myself and really embracing my inner monica from friends (sorry to my roommates who probably hate my nagging and mom-ness)

all i really want to write about right now is health and travel (but i did just have my first la sample sale experience for shopdoen!).

i went to sd last weekend and i’ll post about it soon. do you want to read more travel posts?

all of my food is so good, but i haven’t mastered plating or taking photos before inhaling it…


will get this blog more together but for now just working on living life.

communal coffee.JPG

can i be joey from friends instead ?

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