dishwasher desperate

ugh i need a dish washer because i’ve been cooking so much recently!

anyways i made this lodge cast iron pan bowl last week and it was so good! (first poached egg ever was a success)

lodge bowl.png

any plating tips?

  • steam kale over boiling water for 10ish min, drizzle with tahini
  • heat up some cannellini beans (mine are from mother’s market)
  • add a spoon full of wildbrine kimchi
  • sautée shiitake mushrooms in black pepper and fourth and heart ghee
  • in another pan, throw in more ghee (mine is from thrive market), brussel sprouts, turmeric, and salt and shake around (:
  • the difficult part: poach an egg! (the crunchy radish can help) this was my first time so i’m no expert. boil two inches of water, bring to a simmer, add a little oil and some turmeric, crack an egg into a small bowl, slide in, let it poach for 3ish minutes
  • throw it all together and enjoy!

check out some of my other recipes like sweet potato toast and cookies!

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

controversial? maybe. be any food you enjoy.

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