soft+spoken cities: san diego

a few weeks ago i got to go to san diego with some of my favorite people. it was so nice to get out of orange county!

of course we ate lots of mexican food, went hiking, drank too much coffee and stopped to smell the flowers (literally).

in carlsbad we stopped at the flower fields for a #flowerfriday.

we even went to communal coffee for sightglass and doubles as a flower shop!

san diego 2.JPG

we stayed near the gaslamp which was great for walking around, food + more.

san diego 3.jpeg

on a dock by the sd bay

torrey pines state reserve is a great place for a casual hike and roberto’s burritos nearby are amazing!

san diego 4.JPG

after we went to a camp themed restaurant, one door north, which was SO COOL.


in all seriousness i want to go camping

the next day we went to madison for brunch. i’ve been before, but it’s so good i had to go back!

san diego 7.JPG

we had the same waitress here and at one door north..

last stop: pigment! the cutest things and a mug that says coffee snob. i am not justified in buying that for myself..

san diego 5.JPG

wearing doen overalls and my fav and other stories blanket scarf

coffee spots: bean bar with 49th parallel, coffee and tea collective, dark horse

san diego 6.JPG

when can i go back?

i’m so excited to share a style post soon about my anthropologie and wear app goodies!

any other sd suggestions?

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