la: food heaven

i used to really not like la, but all of that is changing.

yes, there are pros and cons, but the wellness capital is winning my heart.

why? here are a few reasons:

by chloe

by chloe.JPG

the sweet potato addict in me screams for this place

by chloe2.JPG


abbot kinney (specifically the butcher’s daughter + erewhon but i’m dying to try falabar or plant food + wine)

abbot kinney.jpeg

the shops are also great (:

butcher's daughter.JPG


bodega is sightglass coffee by day, wine by night (aka my life defined)


sweetgreen is the health foodie’s paradise and on the go fav.


grand central market is slightly overwhelming but they have everything from falafel to eggslut (did i mention g&b?)

grand central.JPG

a few more favs:

gracias madre (vegan mexican, need i say more?)

poppy & rose next to the flower market

the springs in downtown where you can also take yoga

republique just amazing. you should go.

any suggestions?

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