pancake dreams

i don’t always eat pancakes (i always have breakfast) but when i do, it’s these..

pancake queen.JPG

i mean is it saturday yet


2/3 cup arrowhead mills buckwheat pancake mix

1 egg

almond milk

1/2 scoop vital proteins vanilla collagen (for added protein and beautiful hair+skin)

sun potion he shou wu + ashwagandha


blueberries are also a great option

topped with:


raspberries (berries have lower carbs than bananas etc.)

coconut cult yogurt

solstice canyon aztec almond butter

*makes about four pancakes

i am technically pescatarian but i’ve heard so many good things about vital proteins i’ve been giving them a try and have been impressed! seriously still dreaming about the coconut yogurt + the probiotics!

not a breakfast fan? make this pizza here

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