self care + work

so i’m officially done with college! even though i finished a while ago, it feels real now that my friends are all done too.


just needed to show off my meet the source graduation cake

some things i’ve learned in my short time as an adult:

  • it is tiring. working 40 hours a week i’m super ready for the weekend. especially with graduation and a commute? bring on the coffee and sleep!

chocolate also helps with commutes especially¬†honey mama’s

  • making plans is kind of hard. you really only have weeknights after 5/6 pm to hang out and not being a night owl, this makes the weekend most ideal for fun things.
  • rest is so important. i started having more of a sabbath a few months ago, but i look forward to my spa nights or days of only walking + yoga. the busy bee in me feels bad for this, but it’s so needed!
  • i still don’t have the answers. where do i want to live? what do i really want to be when i grow up? not sure…but probably la soon (: (:

since i’ve been so busy, i’m laying low, cooking, doing yoga, walking, and using some of my favorite spa things

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

cacao dream smoothie for when you need a night in: homemade almond milk, zucchini + cauliflower, @vitalproteins beauty greens collagen, @eatingevolved coconut butter, cacao powder, @sunpotion he shou wu + mucuna, @wild_friends honey sunflower butter and all the toppings

also loving cocokind and herbivore beauty products!

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