breathe + repeat

i remember reading on some health blog a few months ago (sorry couldn’t find the article) that breath classes are expected to be a trend this year.

i remember thinking that sounds stupid that’s not exercise.

but recently, my opinion has changed. maybe it’s because working 40 hours a week is a lot on top of working out, cooking, friends, cleaning, reading, travel, etc but i find myself thinking about slowing down and breathing more.

this video really inspired it, as well as dr. libby’s book women wellness wisdom.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

what’s more calming than the ocean ?

why is breathing important?

it relates back to the idea of fight or flight and our bodies being too stressed out and thinking we’re dying. literally. people didn’t have this much stress until super recently!

in dr. libby’s book, she talks about how we want our PNS (peripheral nervous system) to balance with out the SNS (sympathetic nervous system) to be able to burn fat, be healthy and have energy.

being too stressed causes us to burn glycogen when we really want to be burning fat (because we all want to eat more avocado and almond butter).

breath work helps our body know our life isn’t in danger and helps balance our nervous system.

maybe this is why yoga has become so mainstream!

i’m not a doctor, so read women’s wellness wisdom to better understand this idea.

don’t forget to breathe and read about self care!

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