soft+spoken cities: newport

i hate giving directions because it always manages to end up sounding demanding (even with my soft+spoken voice).


swimsuit from & other stories

but i do know my way around newport pretty well, so here’s a few gentle suggestions..

to stay:

marriott villas


right by crystal cove state park !

or depending on budget, a friend’s couch..

to eat:

true food kitchen, gratitude, bear flag, babette’s, the beachcomber to name a few


matcha and strawberry freeze with a meet the source protein ball


I AM drinking sangria

happy hour:

zinqué near the water!



crystal cove and balboa are nice, but my favorite is victoria beach in laguna


just a few steps from the beach comber


yes we parked at the yacht club (:

touristy things:

while i’m not a huge fan of most touristy things, there’s always money in the banana stands on balboa


just watch arrested development on netflix


fashion island (anthropologie is a must) or via lido!


via lido is new + super cute

to wear:

a dress but always be prepared to need a jacket

other gems:

irvine farmer’s market on saturdays

crystal cove state park for hiking

grit cycle for spin


need another beach city? read about san diego!

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