summer reads

there comes a time when you realize “i should not be watching this much Netflix,” or “wow blue light is messing with my REM cycle, i should read before bed instead.”

so, to help you sleep and maybe learn something or feel more cultured, here’s some books i’ve been loving!


the rules do not apply by ariel levy: a heartbreaking memoir by the famous journalist. i finished it super quick and also has a feminist edge

half of a yellow sun by chimamanda ngozi adichie: i didn’t know anything about the nigerian civil war or biafra, but i know more now! the character development is wonderful

the idiot by elif batuman: still reading this one about harvard students. it’s a little slow+long but excited for the study abroad part!


sweetbitter by stephanie danler: about a girl who moves to ny after college. one of my friends didn’t like this (maybe because the girl gets corrupted) but it’s so real and talks about the behind the scenes of restaurants!


i am malala: had to read this one! malala is from pakistan and is all for women’s rights. her story is so inspiring.


fitness junkie by lucy sykes & jo piazza: my current read. well and good called it “the devil wears prada of the fitness world,” so i had to read. it’s ironic and makes fun of the health industry and i’m loving the sarcasm!

notice a color theme here? me too (:

any other book recommendations?

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