abbot kinney and things i can’t afford

i looooove abbot kinney. when all else fails, i go there.


first friday of every month there are food trucks (:

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i recommend nomad

they have really good food


butcher’s daughter


all of their decor is nice

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wabi sabi, something i really can’t afford but oh so good

grocery shop after your meal


the greatest paleo bread EVER

find cute vintage stores like the general store a hop skip + jump away


want vintage 501s? look no further


breathe + repeat

i remember reading on some health blog a few months ago (sorry couldn’t find the article) that breath classes are expected to be a trend this year.

i remember thinking that sounds stupid that’s not exercise.

but recently, my opinion has changed. maybe it’s because working 40 hours a week is a lot on top of working out, cooking, friends, cleaning, reading, travel, etc but i find myself thinking about slowing down and breathing more.

this video really inspired it, as well as dr. libby’s book women wellness wisdom.

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what’s more calming than the ocean ?

why is breathing important?

it relates back to the idea of fight or flight and our bodies being too stressed out and thinking we’re dying. literally. people didn’t have this much stress until super recently!

in dr. libby’s book, she talks about how we want our PNS (peripheral nervous system) to balance with out the SNS (sympathetic nervous system) to be able to burn fat, be healthy and have energy.

being too stressed causes us to burn glycogen when we really want to be burning fat (because we all want to eat more avocado and almond butter).

breath work helps our body know our life isn’t in danger and helps balance our nervous system.

maybe this is why yoga has become so mainstream!

i’m not a doctor, so read women’s wellness wisdom to better understand this idea.

don’t forget to breathe and read about self care!

pancake dreams

i don’t always eat pancakes (i always have breakfast) but when i do, it’s these..

pancake queen.JPG

i mean is it saturday yet


2/3 cup arrowhead mills buckwheat pancake mix

1 egg

almond milk

1/2 scoop vital proteins vanilla collagen (for added protein and beautiful hair+skin)

sun potion he shou wu + ashwagandha


blueberries are also a great option

topped with:


raspberries (berries have lower carbs than bananas etc.)

coconut cult yogurt

solstice canyon aztec almond butter

*makes about four pancakes

i am technically pescatarian but i’ve heard so many good things about vital proteins i’ve been giving them a try and have been impressed! seriously still dreaming about the coconut yogurt + the probiotics!

not a breakfast fan? make this pizza here

la: food heaven

i used to really not like la, but all of that is changing.

yes, there are pros and cons, but the wellness capital is winning my heart.

why? here are a few reasons:

by chloe

by chloe.JPG

the sweet potato addict in me screams for this place

by chloe2.JPG


abbot kinney (specifically the butcher’s daughter + erewhon but i’m dying to try falabar or plant food + wine)

abbot kinney.jpeg

the shops are also great (:

butcher's daughter.JPG


bodega is sightglass coffee by day, wine by night (aka my life defined)


sweetgreen is the health foodie’s paradise and on the go fav.


grand central market is slightly overwhelming but they have everything from falafel to eggslut (did i mention g&b?)

grand central.JPG

a few more favs:

gracias madre (vegan mexican, need i say more?)

poppy & rose next to the flower market

the springs in downtown where you can also take yoga

republique just amazing. you should go.

any suggestions?

ca(u)li pizza

growing up, i was never a pizza kid. i picked off the cheese and ate the crust.

pizza 4.JPG

this could be because i really don’t like tomatoes or just another issue with being a picky eater.

i’ve been wanting to make cauliflower pizza for a while and in the process kept saying “we will see if this works!” and IT DID ❤

pizza 2.jpg

i didn’t document the process due to my surprise of this working so here are the spanish steps

crust ingredients:

1/4 head cauliflower

1 egg

2 tbsp coconut flour (mine is from thrive market)

1 tsp oregano

kite hill ricotta cheese

a little sea salt

to top:



eggplant hummus



brussel sprout shavings

pizza 1.JPG


for the crust, blend the cauliflower in a food processor. then boil some water and heat the “cauliflower rice” for 4-5 min on medium heat. strain well!!

preheat oven to 400

add cauliflower, egg, “cheese,” coconut flower, salt, oregano and whatever other spices you’re feeling together. mix it uppppp.

put enough olive oil on a pan so the crust doesn’t stick. spread the dough and pop in the oven.

cook the crust for 35-40 minutes

while it’s in the oven, decide what pizzaz you want to put on your pizza (: i went for a savory breakfast theme (no surprise)

when the crust is golden enough, top the pizza and then cook another 10 minutes. i cooked mine longer with the egg, but you could cook the egg separately.

ENJOY and look at photos of italy.

pizza 3.jpg

venice canals

pizza 5.JPG

dishwasher desperate

ugh i need a dish washer because i’ve been cooking so much recently!

anyways i made this lodge cast iron pan bowl last week and it was so good! (first poached egg ever was a success)

lodge bowl.png

any plating tips?

  • steam kale over boiling water for 10ish min, drizzle with tahini
  • heat up some cannellini beans (mine are from mother’s market)
  • add a spoon full of wildbrine kimchi
  • sautée shiitake mushrooms in black pepper and fourth and heart ghee
  • in another pan, throw in more ghee (mine is from thrive market), brussel sprouts, turmeric, and salt and shake around (:
  • the difficult part: poach an egg! (the crunchy radish can help) this was my first time so i’m no expert. boil two inches of water, bring to a simmer, add a little oil and some turmeric, crack an egg into a small bowl, slide in, let it poach for 3ish minutes
  • throw it all together and enjoy!

check out some of my other recipes like sweet potato toast and cookies!

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controversial? maybe. be any food you enjoy.

health but no wealth

interrupting these europe posts to talk about my current health kick (and home too but that’s not as exciting)



here’s my current obsessions:

yoga: i gave up classpass for just a yoga mat (but hopefully i’ll go to spin or pilates soon). i LOVE ra yoga and their strength, vinyasa, + yogalates classes. i feel so good after the heat and the instructors are amazing!


thrive market: the amazon of health food. sign up online, get a free month, and buy goodies like sun potion, almond butter, aduki beans, and nail polish. i love the grocery store, but getting things delivered to my door is oh so convenient.


no sugar: last week i ironically decided to give up sugar before valentine’s day. not going to lie that the first day sucked, but i have lots of energy, my mind feels clearer, and i think it’s helping me gain some muscle (: i’m not doing honey or cocnut sugar except for special occasions, but dates and a couple bites of purely elizabeth granola are must keeps.


pressed freeze– the best sugar free dessert

sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, bananas, avocados, nut butters always. (but not all together)

any recipes you want to see or questions? comment below!

the best kind of class

i’m done with school classes, but currently obsessed with another kind.

a few months ago i tried classpass and haven’t looked back.


classpass allows you to purchase five or 10 classes and three class packs at fitness studios near you. i’ve always been a gym goer, but classes are so much more fun and challenging!

the greatest thing is you can go through yoga phases, pilates, spin, barre, anything. orange county, la, new york have lots of studios you can choose from and visit up to 3 times per month.

their app makes it so easy to sign up! you also can’t cancel classes within 12 hours, so it forces you to get moving.


while it does seem kind of pricey, using class pass is a lot cheaper than buying individual spin or pilates classes.

new years resolutions? consider trying it out for $20 for the first month here.

also check out their blog The Warm Up for tips!

*need cute workout clothes for more motivation? try Free People Movement


cookie cheer

i go through phases where i can’t stop cooking.

last week i got home and made soup until 10:30. it was delicious and had sweet potatoes, so no surprise.

maybe this is because i love my little market apron and been obsessed with everything Gather and Feast makes!

tis the season for cookies, so i made some yummy ones for a holiday cookie party with some gal pals!

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feeling festive

(side note that i love cooking but am bummed that my kitchen+house has the worst lighting, so sorry if these photos are not super aesthetically pleasing)

they’re made with spelt flour, coconut sugar, berries, chia seeds, avocado, and more!

the recipe made a lot of extra filling. so much that my friend taylor ate the extra chocolate avocado spread out of the bowl with a spoon while we watched japanese reality tv. anyways, i would recommend maybe making half of what it calls for and going from there.

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i also happened to make them on #nationalcookieday which was very fitting.

find the recipe on Gather and Feast!

sweet potato avo toast

anyone who knows we knows i looooooove sweet potatoes.

i’d kind of consider myself an expert in making them a bunch of different ways.

here’s some toast i made a while back that i’m still dreaming about:


found at communal coffee, SD


sweet potatoes



goat cheese

crushed red pepper

coconut oil



  1. pre-heat oven to 400 degrees
  2. cut up sweet potatoes so they could be “toast”
  3. brush toast with coconut oil, bake for about 25 minutes
  4. poach or make eggs sunny-side up
  5. take out sweet potatoes, let them cool
  6. mash up avocado and put on sweet potato
  7. top your toast with egg, goat cheese, arugula, crushed red pepper
  8. enjoy with coffee (:
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extra avo on the side

good news, this recipe if GF!

*for two people, we used two small potatoes, one avocado, 4 eggs, and lots of cheese but can vary depending on how hungry you are*