movin + groovin

wowww i have been gone for a while..because I MOVED AND TURNED 22!

now i’m currently in santa monica. although i pictured myself more as an east side person, a 15 min commute, being close to pch and all the wonderful classpass studios has its perks. (there’s also a wonderful bar/coffee shop with sightglass near)

i worked on my birthday and moved the day after, but i got to celebrate that weekend. i’d been wanting to check out plant food + wine and it was worth the wait!


literally me in restaurant form + recommend the tacos

the butcher’s daughter is also a must.


why wouldn’t you go to gracias madre and drink from a bowl too?

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cazuela for two

how else did i celebrate? with a meet the source cake and a picnic at griffith park.

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that is water in the mcdonald’s cup

to decorate, i went to the melrose trading post (more decor photos to follow)

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i carried this to my car and was really sweaty also obsessed with this lacausa jumpsuit 

any posts anyone wants to see? i’m in two weddings this year, so maybe something about that will be coming soon


summer reads

there comes a time when you realize “i should not be watching this much Netflix,” or “wow blue light is messing with my REM cycle, i should read before bed instead.”

so, to help you sleep and maybe learn something or feel more cultured, here’s some books i’ve been loving!


the rules do not apply by ariel levy: a heartbreaking memoir by the famous journalist. i finished it super quick and also has a feminist edge

half of a yellow sun by chimamanda ngozi adichie: i didn’t know anything about the nigerian civil war or biafra, but i know more now! the character development is wonderful

the idiot by elif batuman: still reading this one about harvard students. it’s a little slow+long but excited for the study abroad part!


sweetbitter by stephanie danler: about a girl who moves to ny after college. one of my friends didn’t like this (maybe because the girl gets corrupted) but it’s so real and talks about the behind the scenes of restaurants!


i am malala: had to read this one! malala is from pakistan and is all for women’s rights. her story is so inspiring.


fitness junkie by lucy sykes & jo piazza: my current read. well and good called it “the devil wears prada of the fitness world,” so i had to read. it’s ironic and makes fun of the health industry and i’m loving the sarcasm!

notice a color theme here? me too (:

any other book recommendations?

self care + work

so i’m officially done with college! even though i finished a while ago, it feels real now that my friends are all done too.


just needed to show off my meet the source graduation cake

some things i’ve learned in my short time as an adult:

  • it is tiring. working 40 hours a week i’m super ready for the weekend. especially with graduation and a commute? bring on the coffee and sleep!

chocolate also helps with commutes especially honey mama’s

  • making plans is kind of hard. you really only have weeknights after 5/6 pm to hang out and not being a night owl, this makes the weekend most ideal for fun things.
  • rest is so important. i started having more of a sabbath a few months ago, but i look forward to my spa nights or days of only walking + yoga. the busy bee in me feels bad for this, but it’s so needed!
  • i still don’t have the answers. where do i want to live? what do i really want to be when i grow up? not sure…but probably la soon (: (:

since i’ve been so busy, i’m laying low, cooking, doing yoga, walking, and using some of my favorite spa things

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cacao dream smoothie for when you need a night in: homemade almond milk, zucchini + cauliflower, @vitalproteins beauty greens collagen, @eatingevolved coconut butter, cacao powder, @sunpotion he shou wu + mucuna, @wild_friends honey sunflower butter and all the toppings

also loving cocokind and herbivore beauty products!


i’ve been done with school for a while now, but i still can’t believe i have an alumni license frame on my car!




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it doesn’t help that people think i’m still in high school either..



my people


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scattered organization

it’s been a while…but there’s so much to do and i already spend lots of time looking at my computer!


my best friend got nervous as i was taking this photo but #coordination helped me not fall

living the adult life is fun (no homework) but lots of work (cooking, cleaning, work, yoga, showers, making coffee).

also budgeting- how can i not buy baskets on baskets from the little market ?

i’m learning lots about myself and really embracing my inner monica from friends (sorry to my roommates who probably hate my nagging and mom-ness)

all i really want to write about right now is health and travel (but i did just have my first la sample sale experience for shopdoen!).

i went to sd last weekend and i’ll post about it soon. do you want to read more travel posts?

all of my food is so good, but i haven’t mastered plating or taking photos before inhaling it…


will get this blog more together but for now just working on living life.

communal coffee.JPG

can i be joey from friends instead ?

caffeine crazy

i will 100% admit that i’m a coffee snob.

i spend too much money on coffee and am probably overcaffeinated a majority of the time, but i love it.

here’s a list of some of my favorite orange county/la spots.

hopper and burr: i’m here as often as i can be because i love it! they have saint frank’s, madcap, heart, all the good stuff.


possibly my favorite spot

daydream: coffee and clothes are some of the finest things in life which is why i love this surf and coffee shop! they have sightglass, too, which reminds me of home.

lord windsor: inbetween LA and OC, lord windsor is really relaxing if you want to read because no wifi!


coffee shops with surf references are trendy

kit coffee: next to some of my favorite spots (gratitude and ra yoga) kit also has heart and koava. i haven’t tried it, but i’ve heard their toast is to die for!

portola: the original specialty shop in orange county, their costa mesa location and theorem are the best!


where i first fell in love with coffee

G&B: i first heard about them from the owner of telescope in paris (possibly the best coffee there so i trusted his judgement). i love going to their location at grand central market and then hitting up somewhere for food.

shreebs: cookies and coffee? i only take it black, so something sweet is perfect with a pour over. shreebs is in a storage container in DTLA which makes for a fun and different atmosphere!


dinosaur coffee: i looooove four barrel and the branding of this spot! by chloe isn’t too far either ❤


things will be fine, but better with good coffee

blacktop: ok we’re seeing an SF meets to LA theme here with sightglass in the arts district. the lead singer of the local natives may or may not have been spotted here by me…


cute wall spotted in the arts district

hidden house: the san juan or santa ana locations are great! san juan is a little house, but santa ana has free parking.

hidden house.jpg

and much more! any suggestions?

memories make degrees

today is officially my last day as a student (if turning in a final and the teacher buying the first round after counts as class)

i don’t walk until may, but i sure am feeling sentimental.

here are some of my favorite memories:

  • when cameron chad and i thought it would be a good idea to go to salvation mountain after a switchfoot concert. we didn’t make it…


  • cj and i getting a flat tire on the 1 and hitchhiking in the back of a ups van
  • my time at a21!
  • #tuesdaytradition
  • leading delight (and kaylee eating sweet potato chips and guac for breakfast)


  • being at the kids table with the greatest middle school leaders ever
  • big sur
  • #sandiegoespressoagogo2k16
  • valentine’s day in paris popping champagne under the eiffel tower and “crashing” a bollywood wedding
  • paris, duh.

giverny in bimba y lola coat, zara jeans, nike frees

  • all the food. all the coffee.


best of all was making the best friends and taking pretty photos along the way


magic mountains near vegas



joshua tree

more posts about adulting to follow soon (:


graduating! photo by alice gherasim


hello everyone!

if you know me, you probably can’t hear what i’m saying half of the time.

that’s why this blog is perfect, because it’s VISUAL.

check out all of my photos+thoughts on style, health, travel, and more!


PS- why the random french words you may ask?

fun fact: i’m a french and PR major at Chapman!

thankful (a little late)

i had this past week off from school + most work.


newport coast

instead, i spent most of my time in a huge hotel room on pch with my friends and family. it sure did make me thankful!

the idea of giving thanks and of gratitude is something so beautiful. it draws us away from consumerism (black friday) and back to what is really important.

despite our circumstances, fears, regrets, there is infinite joy and comfort found in faith, family, and friends.

i’m really thankful for faith (and a savior who gives me peace beyond understanding), my family (who is always there for me), and my friends (who always put a smile on my face).

having a week off wasn’t too bad either (: