soft+spoken cities: sf

i would not consider myself cool enough to say “i’m from san francisco” because the east bay is very different..

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too obvious to add on the list

however, i do love sf (never san fran) so here are some of my favorite places:

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andytown: only millennials are allowed in outer sunset. jk but there’s lots of young people and good coffee
the mill: toast so good anyone will go gluten free
sightglass: an obvious choice. i like the one in the mission

blue bottle is also an sf classic

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seed+salt: i’ve only been once (ironically on july 4 for vegan food) but it was super yummy
gracias madre: the og and the only way to do vegan mexican food without a hint of bougie-ness
ferry building farmer’s market: saturdays are the best. i’d recommend lunch or coffee or grocery shopping!
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sfmoma: complete with sightglass and newly redone, one of my favs in sf!
legion of honor: tres français with pretty views and architecture
color factory: i haven’t been but i hear this is the place to go!
disney family museum: not sure why it’s in sf but such a fun place!
other things:
alamo square
hike from sutro baths to the golden gate
plow for brunch
union square for shopping
twin peaks
billy got hill
+ so much more!

at amelie

say hi to karl for me if you go!
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soft+spoken cities: newport

i hate giving directions because it always manages to end up sounding demanding (even with my soft+spoken voice).


swimsuit from & other stories

but i do know my way around newport pretty well, so here’s a few gentle suggestions..

to stay:

marriott villas


right by crystal cove state park !

or depending on budget, a friend’s couch..

to eat:

true food kitchen, gratitude, bear flag, babette’s, the beachcomber to name a few


matcha and strawberry freeze with a meet the source protein ball


I AM drinking sangria

happy hour:

zinqué near the water!



crystal cove and balboa are nice, but my favorite is victoria beach in laguna


just a few steps from the beach comber


yes we parked at the yacht club (:

touristy things:

while i’m not a huge fan of most touristy things, there’s always money in the banana stands on balboa


just watch arrested development on netflix


fashion island (anthropologie is a must) or via lido!


via lido is new + super cute

to wear:

a dress but always be prepared to need a jacket

other gems:

irvine farmer’s market on saturdays

crystal cove state park for hiking

grit cycle for spin


need another beach city? read about san diego!

la: food heaven

i used to really not like la, but all of that is changing.

yes, there are pros and cons, but the wellness capital is winning my heart.

why? here are a few reasons:

by chloe

by chloe.JPG

the sweet potato addict in me screams for this place

by chloe2.JPG


abbot kinney (specifically the butcher’s daughter + erewhon but i’m dying to try falabar or plant food + wine)

abbot kinney.jpeg

the shops are also great (:

butcher's daughter.JPG


bodega is sightglass coffee by day, wine by night (aka my life defined)


sweetgreen is the health foodie’s paradise and on the go fav.


grand central market is slightly overwhelming but they have everything from falafel to eggslut (did i mention g&b?)

grand central.JPG

a few more favs:

gracias madre (vegan mexican, need i say more?)

poppy & rose next to the flower market

the springs in downtown where you can also take yoga

republique just amazing. you should go.

any suggestions?

soft+spoken cities: san diego

a few weeks ago i got to go to san diego with some of my favorite people. it was so nice to get out of orange county!

of course we ate lots of mexican food, went hiking, drank too much coffee and stopped to smell the flowers (literally).

in carlsbad we stopped at the flower fields for a #flowerfriday.

we even went to communal coffee for sightglass and doubles as a flower shop!

san diego 2.JPG

we stayed near the gaslamp which was great for walking around, food + more.

san diego 3.jpeg

on a dock by the sd bay

torrey pines state reserve is a great place for a casual hike and roberto’s burritos nearby are amazing!

san diego 4.JPG

after we went to a camp themed restaurant, one door north, which was SO COOL.


in all seriousness i want to go camping

the next day we went to madison for brunch. i’ve been before, but it’s so good i had to go back!

san diego 7.JPG

we had the same waitress here and at one door north..

last stop: pigment! the cutest things and a mug that says coffee snob. i am not justified in buying that for myself..

san diego 5.JPG

wearing doen overalls and my fav and other stories blanket scarf

coffee spots: bean bar with 49th parallel, coffee and tea collective, dark horse

san diego 6.JPG

when can i go back?

i’m so excited to share a style post soon about my anthropologie and wear app goodies!

any other sd suggestions?

soft+spoken cities: paris

i keep having people ask me for paris suggestions, so i’m laying it all out.

ok, not everything. paris is amazing because it’s so big you can live there for years and never get bored.

here’s my list of must see sights, good coffee, food, and some suggested day trips.


musee d’orsay: van gogh, rodin, monet, this museum is very aesthetically pleasing. not only are there lots of impressionists, but they have touluse lautrec + lots of sculptures.


you need to take a photo here

le tour eiffel: (duh) parisians first hated this landmark, but if you can try and book a tour to the top! the view is great, but i also love eating picnics at le champ de mars.


louvre: want to feel like jay z and see mona lisa smile? do it! the art is much more classic and older, but france robbed almost every continent of art to house this once palace.


check out cafe richelieu for good views!

picasso: this is my personal favorite because the museum is beautifully layed out!


the views from all of the windows are beautiful

luxembourg gardens: if it’s a nice day you’ll probably walk through here and wonder if the french ever work. yes they do, but americans really need more vacation days.


this was a school project wearing: bimba y lola, madewell, zara

notre dame: watch out for pickpockets here and then walk across the street to visit shakespeare and co. if you can’t read french and need a book, they’re all en anglais.

notre dame.jpg

this church took almost 200 years to build

canal saint martin: spotted- french hipsters. i personally love the canal because there’s lots of coffee and good food all around. the bastille market is pretty close too, so my favorite thing is to go on thursday mornings, grab a baguette, walk to ten belles, and sit by the water.

canal st martin.JPG

mes amies!

on to the good stuff…the food and coffee! this list is by no means extensive. (check out for all of your caffeine needs)

holybelly: get here early. their food is really holy with bacon and egg topped pancakes, goat cheese roasted in honey, and cute baristas 🙂


check out their agent cooper special: pie and coffee

mg road: i never really ate french food in paris because the other stuff is so good…feeling indian food but don’t want to go to london? try mg road!

mg roadhouse.JPG

this is vegetarian but there is a pig on top

loustic: what can i say except their coffee is really good and the interior is super cool?


another favorite bob’s kitchen is next door

l’as du fallafel: you just gotta do it. get it to go to save time and walk around the marais instead. it’s on one of my favorite streets, and will warm you up if its cold!


lenny kravitz’s fav

ten belles: pretty close to holybelly and next to the canal, ten belles has belleville brulerie the first specialty roaster in paris. fun fact: belleville has café dégustations en français which is possibly the most boogie thing i have ever done.

10 belles.JPG

république: chances are you will walk by a protest at the république monument while going here but c’est la vie. want a cali mexi inspired vegan bowl? they’ve got you and your caffeine cravings covered.


do you spy the sweet potatoes?

téléscope: my favorite coffee shop. there’s no take away, so you have to sit sur place. one of the only specialty spots i’ve been to without belleville, they have coffee from amsterdam and all over. the owner really knows what he’s doing, so go! it’s a treat.

telescope paris.jpg

their owner loves g&b so you know it’s good..

fatigué de la ville? here are some day trips:

versailles: how does the world have leftover gold? check out the gardens in the summer! it’s only an hour from paris.



giverny: sound familiar? make sure to check out monet’s home only an hour outside of paris (can be trickier to get to though)


living the dream in zara, nike, bimba y lola

disneyland: because ratatouille is from here and mickey is the same in every language. just take the RER here and visit the happiest place in france.



other tips/tricks:

  • the metro is great and has a super helpful app!
  • bread is your friend here ❤
  • try to speak french
  • always say bonjour when entering a store (or you will experience rude french people)
  • new balances are great for walking
  • tax is included and you don’t need to tip
  • if you have time, the musée rodin, arc de triomphe, et centre pompidou are fun!
  • shop til you drop in the marais
  • red wine!!
  • want to cook? try bio c bon and naturalia for all of your organic (and nut butter) needs



soft+spoken cities: copenhagen

copenhagen is by far my favorite new spot! from the food to colors to style to the idea of hygge (making ordinary moments special and cozy) i loved every second i was there.

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the view from our apartment (:

i went to atelier september for coffee, palaeo for my sweet potato fix, and had some avocado toast (it’s taking over the world!) at cafe norden.

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avocado mad, avocado nomad



sweet potatoes at palaeo


cafe norden ft avoooooo

we stopped by christiansborg palace, the national museum, and nyhavn to sightsee.

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mirror selfies at christiansborg


rosenberg palace

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possibly my favorite photo!



my only complaint was during the season many things were closed but c’est la vie!

i’d recommend the Østergade area for shopping too (:

big sur

looking at me you wouldn’t think i like camping (and yes parts of it i don’t like) but i love being outdoors.



almost every time i’ve tried to visit big sur something has gone wrong (roads closed, flat tires, bad firewood) but each time the beauty is so EVIDENT.

here’s some of my favorite photos.


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pfeiffer beach


bixby bridge

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kirk creek hikes


kirk creek campground


smiling because PHOTOS

l’amour pour paris

you might see a lot of paris references+french phrases in my posts.


the view from musée de picasso

while i don’t live there, i did study abroad there (though not long enough)!

there will be lots more parisian blog posts to come because i’m going back in january, but for now here’s some of my favorite photos:


la tour eiffel

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ten belles

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jardin de luxembourg